"Worth seeing and visiting"

Fanø - a naturperle
of the Nationalpark Vadehavet

Fanø is unique - offering plenty of natural experiences

Fano is 13 km long and only 56 square kilometers. There live about 3200 citizens on the island - the whole year.

Fano is amber, beach, kites, seal and oyster safari, crab hunting, kite buggy, surfing, kayaking, maritime stories, specialties, local products, nature experiences, culture, art, football golf, mini golf, golf, fishing trips, late at night, a sugar factory and more. Our beach is great. There is room for adventures of all kinds. Ball games, horse riding, kite flying, kite buggy - the list is long. You can go cycling or running on the beach in Fanø Bad and Sønderho is Fanø`s southernmost city - about 8-9 km of snow-white sand beach.

In the middle of the island Fanø are Klitplantagen. Here's the most amazing forest playground. Plenty of room to romp. Here it is possible to grill and cozy to sit under the roof. There is also the possibility of sleeping in shelters. Fanø has many deer and wild rabbits. It is not uncommon that you see early in the morning deer in Nordby`s gardens. You can make sælbanken a fantastic hike. There are just 50 meters from the Blue House to the dike, where you can see seals, as they are in the morning on a small sandbar at the harbor and have fun.

Nordby is the largest and most northerly town on the island, where the ferry from Esbjerg arrives. The crossing takes only 12 minutes. Sønderho is the southernmost city of the island. A pretty little town which is worth a visit. There specialty stores, the Silken and Uldsnedkeren.
In Sonderho you will also Sønderho Inn - a good place.

In mid-June each year - is the Kite Festival on the beach. For many days the sky with special and beautiful kites from many different countries is revived. It is a very pretty sight.

The second weekend in July there is always Fannikker-Dage. Here Fanø presented National Day - in all forms - with folk music and dance.

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Det Blå Gæstehus | Lone og Martin Frank | Hovedgaden 56, Nordby | 6720 Fanø | +45 26 11 06 96 | familienfrank@bbsyd.dk